List Of Community Creations

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Below a list of all scenarios and objects developed by the OpenClonk community and which do not appear in the main game. Download links to the latest version are provided if available as well as links to a repository. The OC Version indicates what version of OC is needed to play this creation.

Type Name DL Repository OC Version Main author(s)
Ocf.png Base Melees Download.png GitHub snapshot Maikel
Ocf.png Broken Kingdom Campaign Download.png snapshot Clonkonaut
Ocs.png ClonkFest GitHub snapshot Sven2
Ocf.png Hazard Download.png GitHub snapshot Marky
Ocf.png Knüppeln Download.png GitHub snapshot KKenny
Ocf.png Lands of Mystery Download.png 7.0 Sayned
Ocs.png Tower of Despair Download.png GitHub snapshot Maikel, Sven2
Ocd.png Some object
Ocs.png Winter food Download.png snapshot Armin

Please complete this list by adding your own creations. The list is sorted alphabetically according to the name of the creation.