OpenClonk is an open project. That means it depends on people coming in and helping out. People just like you! This page should give you an idea what you could do in order to get involved.

Use Development Snapshots

OpenClonk is continously in development. The "current" version can change daily! If you want to follow the development, it is a good idea to make sure you are able to run development versions. You will not need to build them yourself - just use the development snapshots linked below and you should be ready to go.

Report Bugs

We cannot possibly account for every possible configuration out there. If you see something that's wrong, we would really like to know about it. Especially if you are willing to actively work with us in finding a solution for the problem.

Here's how you can reach us:

Contribute Scripts or Game Content

Just like Clonk Rage before, most things in OpenClonk can be changed without touching the engine. Instead, we rely on a script language and a flexible game content system to make up our game content. This means that you can get involved easily - without having to learn C++ first! Traditionally, developing own objects and scenarios and sharing them with others has been how pretty much all of today's developers started out.

Build OpenClonk Yourself

When delving deeper into OpenClonk, you will often find yourself in the situation that you need a closer look at what makes OpenClonk tick internally. At that point, it is a good idea to assume the perspective of developers - get the source code and build it in your own development environment.

Hack the OpenClonk Engine

Maybe you already are well-versed in C++ and want to help out actually diagnosing problems? Or - even better - have your own ideas on engine improvements? We are always glad to look at patches.

Internal Links

Legal Stuff

OpenClonk uses the ISC license for code (engine and script) and CC-by for most other media. Read more about the license stuff here.