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Note: This list is outdated - a contemporary list can be found on Trello: https://trello.com/c/uYJPowSy/31-sound-requests-list

The acoustic parts of our game are pretty shabby. Here are some ideas for sound polishing. Feel free to contribute sounds from the list or to contribute your own ideas to this list by editing this page.

Environmental sounds

  • Forest: Tree leaves, birds, cicadas
  • Night sounds: Howling wolves at midnight/full moon
  • Ocean: Sea waves, seagulls
  • Underwater: Bubbles, fish sonar echoes
  • Caves: Dripping water

Object sounds

  • Construction site: Hammering, sawing, ...
  • Large explosion sound
  • Item construction sounds for tools workshop, chemical lab [boiling.ogg?], inventor's lab - could also be used for NPC village ambience sounds
  • Destruction sounds for collapsing buildings
  • Put/Hit sounds for barrel and bucket
  • Grab sound for touching /releasing touchable objects like the lorry

Engine sounds

  • Game start sound in the lobby (currently Blast3 I think)

General Objects

  • The music controller object should also do sounds (forest/village/underwater/etc. ambience) (Better performance if sound search is done per player)

Engine features

  • Automatic frequency adjustment when player is underwater
  • Fix left/right pan
  • Echo for caves