Building with MinGW

Getting the sources

Just follow the instructions in Building_with_Windows#Get_the_sources.

Getting MinGW

Choose the most recent installer from[sourceforge].

Click Next until you hit the following screen:

MinGW Setup 1.png

Check the boxes "C++ Compiler", "MSYS Basic System" and "MinGW Developer Toolkit". Finish the installation wizard.


Getting precompiled dependencies

Download them from [[1]] and extract them to the openclonk folder (that you checked out with tortoisegit).

Getting cmake

Download the win32 installer from [[2]] and click yourself through the installer.

Compiling the source

Run the "MinGW Shell", which can be found under Start->Programs->MinGW.

Now we want to go to the openclonk folder. Since the MinGW Shell kindof simulates a linux shell, you have to use different commands when compared to the windows command prompt. If you checked out openclonk to "C:\Users\MyUser\openclonk" you have to type cd /c/Users/MyUser/openclonk to get to that directory. Do this now.

You then tell cmake that you are planning on using mingw and it should create all the necessary files for you: cmake . -G"MSYS Makefiles". If the result looks like the following image, everything went as planned:

Mingw cmake.png

Type make and watch huge amounts of green text pass by. This is a good time for a coffee break.

Once the compilation is done you should find a openclonk.exe. Copy all the files from the "deps/bin" folder to this folder and run openclonk.exe.