[09:24:09 PM] Lykanthrop has created a new document: Ideas
[09:24:43 PM] <Newton> missing: Sven, Randrian, Zapper
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[09:25:17 PM] <Newton> ah, and Maikel
[09:26:35 PM] Lykanthrop has created a new document: Goals
[09:27:11 PM] <Lykanthrop> btw, me is mimmo
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[09:30:36 PM] <Newton> I'll post the actual todos in Main
[09:31:00 PM] <Newton> e.g. what Mimmo ("lykanthrop") said about scenarios
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[09:33:48 PM] <Newton> did you change something sven?
[09:33:53 PM] <Newton> i hear nothing of you
[09:33:56 PM] <Newton> *from
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[09:37:39 PM] <Sven2> test
[09:37:49 PM] <ck> retest
[09:37:54 PM] <Lykanthrop> ping
[09:42:16 PM] <Sven2> [21:42:25] <Sven2> Hm. Have to leave for the cinema now
[09:42:33 PM] <Sven2> Cya then
[09:42:36 PM] <ck> cu
[09:42:54 PM] <ck> have fun ;)
[09:43:48 PM] <Maikel> bye
[09:47:49 PM] <Newton> so does the race already work with teams?
[09:47:55 PM] <Maikel> I check
[09:47:56 PM] <Newton> sven took the race-thing from CR
[09:48:03 PM] <Newton> oh no wait
[09:48:09 PM] <Newton> i edited it myself. It works with teams
[09:48:13 PM] <Ape> How does the team play on race work?
[09:48:27 PM] <Newton> I think the first of one team counts
[09:48:36 PM] <Newton> so if anybody of your team reaches the goal, you win
[09:48:46 PM] <Maikel> Yes that's good
[09:48:58 PM] <Maikel> So not the weakest link aproach
[09:50:18 PM] <Ape> Well it would be boring for the members of the team to wait for the others
[09:50:48 PM] <Ape> Except, if it's something like king of the hill where you have to keep the enemies away until your whole team makes it there
[09:52:56 PM] <ck> Newton: Have you noted that Isilkor talked to you on IRC?
[09:53:02 PM] <Newton> no
[09:53:32 PM] <Newton> brb
[09:55:12 PM] <Ape> I have to go
[09:55:18 PM] <Newton> cu
[09:55:19 PM] <Ape> cu
[09:55:22 PM] <ck> So I guess we need to make some cuts for stuff to be able to finish by the timeframe we set...
[09:55:22 PM] <Lykanthrop> cu
[09:55:28 PM] <ck> bye, Ape
[09:55:31 PM] <Newton> yes
[09:55:34 PM] <Maikel> bye
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[09:55:54 PM] <Newton> lets discuss this in a little more moderated matter
[09:55:56 PM] <Newton> first, goals
[09:56:11 PM] <Maikel> ok
[09:56:13 PM] <Newton> two goals have been mentioned in the goal we set until OCM already
[09:56:17 PM] <Newton> parcour and melee
[09:56:27 PM] <Maikel> Deathmatch isn't needed, or?
[09:56:36 PM] <Newton> thats what i think too
[09:56:44 PM] <ck> What's the difference between Deathmatch and melee?
[09:56:44 PM] <Maikel> *del
[09:56:56 PM] <Maikel> getting kills, and statying alive
[09:57:03 PM] <ck> OK
[09:58:04 PM] <Newton> well, how the melee works with teams
[09:58:09 PM] <Maikel> I delete deathmatch
[09:59:09 PM] <ck> I think I misunderstood the term "Goals" all the time... I was thinking of development goals (like milestones) rather than goals for the game... ;)
[09:59:40 PM] <Maikel> the development goal is to have something playable before the CM
[10:00:12 PM] <ck> sure, but there might be "intermediate" goals/tasks
[10:00:41 PM] <ck> So maybe what Newton wants to put into Main now :)
[10:01:47 PM] <Newton> okay, nxt
[10:01:58 PM] <Newton> hmm, tutorial scenario
[10:01:59 PM] <Newton> nice idea
[10:02:09 PM] <Newton> but might be a bit more work
[10:02:24 PM] <ck> maybe also requires the custom dialog stuff first
[10:02:25 PM] <Newton> still I think it is important for a first release
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[10:02:51 PM] <Newton> well, the stuff with buildings is not implemented yet, so the tutorial will not cover it naturally
[10:02:54 PM] <Newton> its just the mouse controls
[10:02:59 PM] <Lykanthrop> heyo, we forgot about the spear in "Weapons"
[10:04:04 PM] <ck> Ah. I meant for displaying instructions or similar
[10:04:18 PM] <Newton> there is the MessageBox or what it is called
[10:04:25 PM] <Newton> I hope it still works
[10:04:41 PM] <Newton> next
[10:04:48 PM] <Newton> hmm, objects
[10:04:51 PM] <ck> hm, ok
[10:05:06 PM] <Maikel> One flint, ok?
[10:05:08 PM] <Newton> well, we need some tools too with which one can get through the landscape
[10:05:41 PM] <Newton> a climbing hook might be too much work
[10:06:00 PM] <Newton> ringwaul had a nice idea with this "flying rock"
[10:06:11 PM] <Maikel> a what?
[10:06:16 PM] <Newton> an item that you could use and that catapults you in the direction of where you point your mouse
[10:06:26 PM] <Lykanthrop> catapult?
[10:06:39 PM] <Newton> no it actually flies you... like superman
[10:06:54 PM] <ck> o_O
[10:07:05 PM] <Lykanthrop> i dont like cheateritems
[10:07:11 PM] <Newton> I thought, perhaps we could have an object where the same works but only for one second or so
[10:07:16 PM] <Newton> some booster-pack
[10:07:26 PM] Randrian has joined
[10:07:27 PM] <Newton> this would be pretty much the same as some kind of tera.jump
[10:07:59 PM] <Newton> hm, anyway
[10:08:07 PM] <Newton> does not make sense to concept it all out
[10:08:42 PM] <Newton> fact is, we need some items that enable the clonk to overcome obstacles
[10:08:50 PM] <Newton> and some items with which he can fight
[10:08:57 PM] <Newton> and thats what Ill write down
[10:09:00 PM] <Lykanthrop> loam and flints
[10:09:09 PM] <Newton> the rest is up to the people who have the ideas
[10:09:37 PM] <ck> hm yeah, some kind of jetpack might be fun
[10:09:43 PM] <Maikel> rather those wo make it
[10:09:48 PM] <Maikel> h
[10:09:50 PM] <Lykanthrop> do particles already work?
[10:09:53 PM] <Newton> and to script this, is not much work
[10:10:05 PM] <Newton> so if it is not that fitting, we can put it out again after the OCM release
[10:10:12 PM] <Newton> of course@paticles
[10:10:34 PM] <Lykanthrop> i think ill try to script a simple projectile-spell next days when i have nothing to do
[10:10:42 PM] <Newton> there are no spell yet
[10:10:44 PM] <Newton> +s
[10:10:53 PM] <Newton> better you make an item which does the exact "spell"
[10:10:58 PM] <Newton> like a staff ;-)
[10:10:59 PM] <ck> uhm. let's leave magic out for now, OK?
[10:11:09 PM] <Newton> yes, thats what i said
[10:11:12 PM] <Maikel> yes
[10:11:20 PM] <Lykanthrop> yes, sure
[10:11:28 PM] <Newton> if Mimmo wants to build some cool item which has a certain effect, he can do so
[10:11:45 PM] <Newton> how it works, who knows. Perhaps its magic, perhaps not - at least its not involving some magic system
[10:11:57 PM] <Lykanthrop> well see!
[10:12:08 PM] <ck> I agree.
[10:12:14 PM] <Lykanthrop> i need to figure out how this mousecontroll works etc
[10:12:39 PM] <ck> should be easy to do by having a look at e.g. the loam
[10:12:49 PM] <Lykanthrop> ye
[10:13:20 PM] <Newton> which is a bit bugged at the moment
[10:13:47 PM] <ck> since it draws on top of all other materials, or is there another problem?
[10:14:04 PM] <Newton> no, thats the one
[10:14:21 PM] <Newton> and that one can "use" the loam in midair but then its gone or something, i think
[10:15:03 PM] <Newton> Melee weapons
[10:15:11 PM] <Newton> who wanted to do them, Randrian or Zapper?
[10:15:42 PM] <Maikel> Zapper 
[10:15:50 PM] <ck> Zapper was eager to invent a sophisticated "system" for that
[10:15:54 PM] <Maikel> bow, musket will do
[10:16:08 PM] <ck> Yeah, I think that's enough to begin with as well
[10:16:20 PM] <Newton> mhhh
[10:16:33 PM] <Newton> who wrote firearrow?
[10:16:33 PM] <Newton> ah
[10:16:41 PM] <Newton> do we want to introduce fire already?
[10:16:47 PM] <Newton> thats a little work too
[10:16:50 PM] <Randrian> well, I wanted to do the animations for the weapon system
[10:17:08 PM] <Randrian> it it will be more than just animations, Zapper can do it if he wants.
[10:17:17 PM] <ck> Randrian: Is there a conceptual difference between that and animations for bow/musket?
[10:17:19 PM] <Newton> can you note that down?@Randrian

[10:24:35 PM] <Newton> alright, where did we stop?
[10:24:49 PM] <Maikel> there is some missing
[10:24:54 PM] <Maikel> with weapons
[10:24:54 PM] <ck> weapon animations
[10:24:57 PM] <ck> iirc
[10:26:42 PM] <Newton> it was my intention to write the melee weapons
[10:26:47 PM] <Newton> and not the certain types
[10:26:55 PM] <Newton> this should be really up to the one who creates it
[10:27:00 PM] <Newton> we just need melee weapons
[10:27:11 PM] <Maikel> ok then with e.g.?
[10:27:35 PM] <ck> I think we can do without for the beginning... but if someone wants to create any feel free ;)
[10:27:58 PM] <Newton> alright
[10:28:02 PM] <Newton> what about decoration?
[10:28:03 PM] <Newton> hm
[10:28:17 PM] <Maikel> Trees and bushes will do
[10:28:18 PM] <Newton> or generally, other objects?
[10:29:01 PM] <Maikel> Hm vehicles the cannon and the catapult must be there imo
[10:29:27 PM] Randrian has joined
[10:29:51 PM] <ck> I don't see the problem introducing them later... but maybe I'm just pessimistic on what we can get done until april...
[10:29:57 PM] <Newton> me neither
[10:30:21 PM] <Maikel> Now you are realistic, im getting ahead of myself
[10:30:35 PM] <Maikel> -w
[10:31:12 PM] <Newton> hm
[10:31:19 PM] <Newton> well, actually ck has a point
[10:31:38 PM] <Newton> we can of course say about half of it "low priority" or put it in brackets
[10:31:47 PM] <Newton> but that we will have a cannon sooner or later is clear, no?
[10:31:57 PM] <Maikel> yes
[10:31:59 PM] <ck> I think so.
[10:32:08 PM] <Newton> and that somebody might implement it even though its not in the CORE concept is not forbidden
[10:32:32 PM] <Newton> so I'd actually really leave them out
[10:32:42 PM] <Maikel> Okay 
[10:32:54 PM] <Newton> the same goes for shield, throwing weapons etc. Zapper will be doing some weapons, well see what it is
[10:33:29 PM] <Newton> and others will pop up in the design of the scenarios
[10:33:48 PM] <Newton> decoration falls into the same category *cut* *cut* *cut*
[10:34:03 PM] <Newton> artwork
[10:34:07 PM] <Newton> ACK
[10:34:43 PM] <ck> hehe, right, Logo is a good point
[10:34:47 PM] <ck> We don't even have one yet ;)
[10:34:56 PM] <Maikel> It should contain a female clonk
[10:35:03 PM] <Maikel> having sex with....
[10:36:05 PM] <ck> *cough*
[10:36:05 PM] Randrian has left
[10:36:10 PM] <Maikel> Just put a part ideas
[10:36:37 PM] <Newton> "part ideas"?
[10:36:41 PM] <Newton> ah
[10:36:42 PM] <Maikel> I did
[10:37:41 PM] <Maikel> Hm some basic todos
[10:37:53 PM] <Maikel> like animations and neater materials?
[10:38:24 PM] Randrian has joined
[10:38:58 PM] <Newton> ok... ~done?
[10:39:10 PM] <Maikel> yes
[10:39:29 PM] <ck> let's put the remaining stuff to the todo list?
[10:39:36 PM] <Newton> what todo list?
[10:39:40 PM] <Newton> ah
[10:39:41 PM] <ck> "Main" ;)
[10:39:57 PM] <Newton> Yeah I think I will write everything together and post it in the forum
[10:40:07 PM] <Maikel> first internal, or?
[10:40:07 PM] <Newton> along with the other stuff that came from the discussion
[10:40:19 PM] <Newton> internal?
[10:40:20 PM] <ck> ok
[10:40:28 PM] <Newton> I'm not sure
[10:40:31 PM] <Maikel> dev only
[10:40:35 PM] <Newton> perhaps Developers corner
[10:41:04 PM] <ck> OK, but make it clear that nobody guarantees that we stick to the schedule ;)
[10:41:06 PM] <Newton> our community does not only consist of Asmageddons, there are quite a few people who would like to help if they knew what has to be done
[10:41:07 PM] <Maikel> In general people who want to contribute should be invited to these meetings
[10:41:31 PM] <ck> ah, good point. There should be a Wiki page about the meetings.
[10:41:39 PM] <ck> With logs+summary for post ones, and agenda for planned ones
[10:41:40 PM] <Newton> a wiki?
[10:41:48 PM] <ck> a page in our wiki
[10:41:49 PM] <Newton> hm
[10:42:19 PM] <Newton> okay
[10:42:44 PM] <Newton> Maikel, you postponed the homepage
[10:42:55 PM] <Newton> +discussion about
[10:43:11 PM] <Maikel> next week?
[10:43:21 PM] <Maikel> I am tired
[10:43:27 PM] <Newton> I am not sure what to discuss about that anyway. I think its the same thing as the wiki
[10:43:43 PM] <Maikel> True
[10:43:51 PM] <Newton> = yes, thats good. Go ahead, I'd say.
[10:44:09 PM] <Newton> anyway
[10:44:20 PM] <Newton> -> IRC