• Tested Asmageddon's races, Sven committed to hg
  • #117 prevents reliable network games
  • Would be good to have an AUTHORS file with all contributors, also to show/scroll them in a credits screen ingame
    • Not sure whether it can be reliably generated from hg, so better manage it manually for now
  • Please use descriptive log messages for hg commits

Full Log

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18:49:16<!Mimmo_O> ok, ill come a bit later to the meeting. ill join you in about 30 minutes.
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19:02:34<!Sven2> Hey
19:03:21<!Sven2> No dev meeting today? :(
19:03:39<!Maikel> Not if there is noone else coming
19:03:55 * ck is there
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19:06:53<!Sven2> Well, since we got a few people here...
19:07:11<!Sven2> got a few points. First: What do you think about Asmageddon's races? Shall I just commit them into the parkour folder?
19:07:17<!Zapper> Anything going on already? :)
19:07:23<!Zapper> I have to admit I didnt test them yet
19:07:34<!Zapper> I have some problems with the developers mode
19:07:36<!Maikel> I'll have a look now, how many are there?
19:07:47<!Sven2> It's dynamic map races, pretty much like your Cavern
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19:08:35<!Sven2> I think it's four of them
19:08:41<!Zapper> mh
19:08:41<!Maikel> We don't want numerous scenarios, or?
19:08:41<!Sven2> Maybe have a game? :)
19:08:50<!Zapper> ok
19:08:50<!Maikel> ok
19:08:55<!Sven2> I don't know. We don't really have that much content :P
19:09:42<!ck> well we can still throw them out later if they don't meet rising quality standards and nobody cares about them
19:09:47<!Sven2> Game open
19:10:07<!Sven2> Yes, I think the same
19:10:11<!Zapper> uh, my content differs
19:10:14<!Maikel> I suggest we put in the best 2
19:10:16 * ck compiles
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19:10:47<!Newton> hi
19:10:48<!Zapper> oh, 4 changesets
19:10:54<!Zapper> so, how do I shelve changes again? <.<
19:10:59<!Sven2> Maikel joined. Seems to work
19:11:09<!Maikel> hi
19:11:27<!Sven2> Remember to not have a win32text *decode* hook in Windows. It will check out files in CRLF so your working copy would differ
19:11:40<!Sven2> Maikel+CK in
19:11:52<!Zapper> <.<
19:12:10<!Sven2> Anyway, while we're waiting
19:12:21<!Sven2> I wonder how we solve the attribution
19:12:41<!Sven2> We've got a HG change log, but that will become unreadable after a while
19:13:03<!Sven2> I think we really need a central place to put credits
19:13:28<!ck> Can't this be extracted automatically from hg, at least to some extent?
19:13:48<!ck> There is also a planet/AUTHORS file
19:13:50<!Sven2> We won't have trouble writing up all the common contributors using HG. But there will be some people who have contributed just a single sound?
19:13:50<!Zapper> Sven2, you are using the current tip-version?
19:13:52<!ck> Not sure how up-to-date it is
19:14:03<!Sven2> AUTHORS sounds fine
19:14:21<!Newton> in most new scripts, the first few lines are a short description of the object and its author
19:14:59<!Sven2> I would prefer to have a central AUTHORS file, which can be used to do a credits screen/credits roll later on
19:16:12<!Zapper> i'm in the game now
19:16:14<!Sven2> I mean, if I commit e.g. Asmageddons races, it would be a commit done by me mentioning him in the commit notice. Noone will remember that when we do write up the credits
19:16:15<!Zapper> shelved my changes
19:16:21<!Zapper> onto my desktop :/
19:16:38<!ck> Sven2: No, you'd create a commit with Asmageddon as the author
19:16:44<!Sven2> Some items such as scenarios have an Author.txt. But other stuff like graphics files dont
19:17:14<!ck> Not sure how to do that in Tortoise, on the command line it's just a argument to hg commit
19:17:16<!Zapper> are we going to keep the author.txt in the scenarios?
19:17:50<!Sven2> I just think it would be much easier to have an authors file than collect it by hand from two hundred sources
19:18:01<!Zapper> five are int he lobby now!
19:18:08<!Zapper> one author file for the project, yes
19:18:08<!Sven2> OK, I'm starting!
19:18:20<!Zapper> but not one author file for every scenario that tries to keep track of changes
19:18:31<!Zapper> oh, I am loading objects.c4d? :o
19:18:36<!Zapper> 90%
19:18:47<!Sven2> You guys are loading forever. Hope you arent using debug engines? :(
19:18:51<!Newton> in the resources repos we keep track of all the authors
19:18:56<!Newton> in a central file
19:19:00<!Zapper> imo sven is not uptodate!
19:19:06<!Maikel> 97%
19:19:13 * ck joined without loading anything
19:19:19<!ck> crash :(
19:19:33<!ck> C4Player::UpdateView again
19:19:44<!ck> Should have started in debugger :(
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19:20:18<!Newton> what are you playing?
19:20:29<!ck> One of Asmageddon's Races
19:20:48<!ck> the original question was whether to commit them or not :)
19:30:46<!Isilkor> Zapper: hg shelve? ;)
19:31:12<!Isilkor> alternatively, hg qnew -f things-i-changed.patch && hg qpop && hg update && hg qpush
19:32:45<!Zapper> was alex playing with us? :o
19:32:47<!Maikel> You did respawn in a stuck location?
19:32:50<!Sven2> No
19:32:56<!Zapper> how could he win then!
19:32:57<!Maikel> that was alteredarmor
19:33:05<!Sven2> He was in and disconnected
19:33:10<!Zapper> he had 100%
19:33:20<!Sven2> The % display is broken I think
19:33:42<!Sven2> Anyway, how does it determine the arrow for the next checkpoint if they are not ordered? Is it the closest one?
19:33:54<!Maikel> in the scoreboard, it's some sort of distance, to the next CP, but it is obsolete with arrows
19:33:58<!Maikel> yes closest
19:34:07<!Sven2> For this kind of race it would make sense if it were the lowest
19:34:39<!Maikel> Can be realized :)
19:34:50<!Sven2> And people should start randomly either with dynamite or loam in this race
19:34:58<!Sven2> So you can blast yourself out of being stuck on a checkpoint
19:35:15<!Sven2> Anyway. Gotta find out how to commit as Asmageddon
19:35:20<!Maikel> The checkpoint can also clear the area
19:35:28<!ck> should maybe also use gradient sky only
19:36:03<!ck> as the sky bitmap does not wrap around vertically
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19:38:40< JCaesar> Sven2: Just change your name?
19:39:32<!Sven2> Well, which races shall I take?
19:39:35<!Sven2> All?
19:40:18<!Maikel> let me look at the others
19:43:05<!Sven2> JCaesar: Probably the easiest way to do it, yes
19:43:25<!Zapper> How you you start a game in the developers mode again? dragging it onto the engine doesnt work
19:43:33<!Zapper> I think my developers mode is broken :(
19:43:51<!Maikel> cmd.exe
19:44:43<!Maikel> planet\ Clonk.exe Scen.c4s
19:45:06<!Zapper> I did that. Doesnt work
19:45:24< JCaesar> Did you compile without it?
19:45:26<!Sven2> Looks like your resources are broken
19:45:56<!Sven2> Developer mode uses some resources compiled into the executable iirc
19:46:49<!Zapper> So, what could cmake have done wrong? :o
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19:48:17<!Mimmo_O> im there, im here.
19:48:42<!Mimmo_O> anything important happened?
19:49:01<!Maikel> The design of those other three can definitely be improved, but well that can be done later, so you can commit them all
19:50:47<!Sven2> OK, thanks
19:51:02<!Sven2> I'll just give them some more distinct titles
19:52:11<!Sven2> Hm. They should have a better icon
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19:55:50<+occ> Asmageddon * 0111f584c7ad planet/Parkour.c4f (42 files in 5 dirs): Some new dynamic parkour landscapes
19:56:08<!Sven2> Anyway, last thing on my list: What do you think about loam bridging during SCALE and HANGLE?
19:56:29<!Sven2> And also other actions during scale and hangle?
19:57:00<!Newton> during hangle?
19:57:16<!Maikel> I like the idea in general, but I think some constraints are needed
19:57:52<!Maikel> A more agile clonk is always good, but there must still be some challenges in getting through a landscape.
19:59:07<!Mimmo_O> i think scaling is ok, but hangling would be too much
20:00:11<!Sven2> The challenge is a good point. Right now, it's really not very hard to get through most of the randomized cave maps if you do not need to blast
20:00:26<!Sven2> But I wonder if that's really a bad thing
20:01:23<!Sven2> If we want challenges, we can go into the direction of "Deep Down" in CR, which would prolly still be pretty hard to play in OC
20:02:23<!Maikel> Yes indeed, but it has definitely become more easy in OC
20:02:56<+occ> newton * 352025a591ec planet (6 files in 2 dirs): colorful explosions & boomrace. I want to test this now - who is in?
20:03:11<!Sven2> OK
20:03:11<!Maikel> Maybe we should make such a scenario
20:03:15<!Mimmo_O> me is in
20:03:27<!Maikel> I am in.
20:03:32<!Newton> oki
20:03:38<!Newton> do i need to recompile?
20:03:40< anakonda> me too
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20:04:24<!Newton> open
20:04:26<!Sven2> Depends on when you last compiled? :P
20:04:39< anakonda> 1 h ago
20:04:44<!Sven2> Hm, can't get in :(
20:04:47<!Sven2> Objects.c4d
20:04:52<!Newton> hm
20:04:53<!Mimmo_O> must be your fault!
20:04:55<!Sven2> Others can join?
20:04:59<!Mimmo_O> i can
20:05:00<!Newton> you updated?
20:05:13<!Newton> + removed all .origs, all empty folders?
20:05:13<!Sven2> Oh, you just committed
20:05:15<!Sven2> :D
20:05:18<!Newton> there should be two empty folders
20:07:32< Matthi> "[20:04] occ: newton * 352025a591ec planet (6 files in 2 dirs): colorful explosions & boomrace. I want to test this now - who is in?"  <- What the ...?
20:08:18<!Newton> hm mimmo laggt
20:09:05<!Isilkor> Okay, I want a policy what goes in the repos and what doesn't about right now
20:09:18<!Isilkor> In: tested, working stuff
20:09:32<!Isilkor> Out: untested stuff people want to try out with their buddies
20:09:44<!Newton> its working
20:09:52<!Newton> i meant: playtest it now
20:09:57<!Isilkor> yes, I know
20:10:03<!Isilkor> point stands
20:10:56<!Isilkor> If you need to playtest it still, it isn't tested
20:11:11<!Newton> ok after all it was you, mimmo
20:11:17<!Newton> sorry, that was a "test" ;-P
20:11:18<!Mimmo_O> :(
20:11:22<!Isilkor> also that commit message is crap
20:11:32<!Isilkor> first part is ok, second half isn't
20:11:46<!Mimmo_O> darn
20:11:52<!Mimmo_O> it was the debugbuild
20:12:25<!Isilkor> Because occ isn't here to play messenger
20:12:37<!Isilkor> it's here to tell people that a new commit has been pushed
20:15:28<!Newton> so what do you think ;-)
20:15:47<!Newton> Isilkor: yeah well, but why take it so seriously?@commit msgs
20:16:02<!Sven2> Really cool race
20:16:05<!Mimmo_O> rehost it :(
20:16:08< Matthi> I agree with Isilkor here: >ou should keep in mind that the commit history is neither a _chat_ nor unimportant enough to leave commit messages empty
20:16:13<!Newton> who would because of that miss some very important changes?
20:16:14<!Sven2> It's annoying that you often pick up rocks and stuff
20:17:05<!Sven2> I don't mind commit messages. Why are you guys are so protective of the repository?
20:17:32<!Sven2> It's a development tool not visible in the final product. Like a scrapboard.
20:17:43<!Newton> (reopen)
20:18:05< Matthi> I believe that development tool quality greatly influeces product quality
20:18:22<!Newton> I could overload the RejectCollect function of the clonk and add MaxContentsCount=2
20:18:39<!Newton> but after all, first of all its a funny little test - perhaps later I build it into a proper race
20:19:26<!Sven2> Newton: And allow nothing but rockets?
20:19:35<!Sven2> Loam can be useful; but I guess it would be a trade off
20:19:36<!Newton> you mean in earth?
20:19:46<!Sven2> Just dont allow collection
20:19:51<!Newton> ah right
20:19:58<!Sven2> Because it sucks when your inventory is blocked and you dont get rocket respawns
20:20:24<!Sven2> Well, go?
20:20:56<!Newton> Matthi: Sure, working with a good IDE will get you further when developing, thus the outcome of your development might be better. but whats your point? 
20:21:44< Matthi> Point is: Just try remember that commit history has a purpose
20:23:20< Matthi> One not being supported with commit messages like "..." or chat messages
20:24:20<!Mimmo_O> 2:15.4 :D
20:24:32<!Mimmo_O> greate one
20:24:32<!Newton> ui
20:24:38<!Newton> Matthi: like comments have
20:24:40<!Mimmo_O> nice scenario
20:25:06<!Newton> how do you jump off the rocket?
20:25:13<!Mimmo_O> click again
20:25:14<!Sven2> Click again?
20:25:16<!Newton> -do +did
20:25:17<!Newton> ah ok
20:25:25<!Newton> because you can either jump
20:25:25<!Mimmo_O> can you somehow controll them..?
20:25:33<!Newton> or click again, or rightclick
20:25:48<!Newton> Mimmo: yes, little bit
20:25:55<!Newton> but htey are very träge
20:26:02<!Mimmo_O> i see
20:26:04<!Newton> with A and D
20:27:28<!Maikel> some realistic acceleration would be nice
20:27:47<!Newton> already tried that. It's not so good
20:27:59<!Mimmo_O> a quick question
20:28:07<!Newton> actually it gets even slower
20:28:16<!Mimmo_O> when you downloaded the repos, what do you also need except from the clonk.exe and c4group?
20:28:36<!Newton> hm?
20:28:52<!Mimmo_O> *-downloade *+cloned
20:29:27<!Newton> I got the whole repository when i cloned it
20:29:32<!Mimmo_O> friend of mine is just cloning OC onto his rechner
20:29:39<!Mimmo_O> yes, but you need smoe special files to play
20:30:08<!Newton> System.c4g f.e.
20:30:41-!- luchs is now known as Luchs
20:30:52<!Newton> another time?@race
20:30:57<!Mimmo_O> sure
20:31:23<!Mimmo_O> my OC crashed for no reason
20:31:26<!Mimmo_O> oh
20:31:27<!Mimmo_O> antivir.
20:31:47<!Sven2> Could test one of Asmageddon's instead?
20:32:18<!Maikel> In team modus preferably
20:32:39<!Maikel> So I can recognize some bugs, already found one
20:33:04<!Newton> ok
20:33:12<!Newton> who hosts?
20:33:23<!Sven2> Not too hard to find bugs ATM :P
20:33:37<!Maikel> in the parkour goal
20:33:38<!Sven2> Hosted the cave
20:33:48<!Sven2> The % display seems to be pretty meaningless
20:33:52<!Sven2> Maikel in!
20:33:59<!Maikel> Yes needs to be removed
20:34:15<!Maikel> Checkpoints and best time should be enough
20:34:16<!Mimmo_O> Mimmo in
20:34:26<!Sven2> Newton?
20:34:39<!Maikel> Are teams not possible?
20:35:23<!Sven2> Dont know
20:35:24<!Maikel> Btw:
20:35:29<!Sven2> NEwton not coming? I'll just start then
20:35:51<!Newton> wait
20:40:38-!- Gurkenglas [] has joined #openclonk-dev
20:45:19<!Mimmo_O> nooo
20:45:28<!Newton> everyone lost?
20:45:40<!Newton> well, its a race
20:45:41<!Maikel> That was a too close call
20:45:49<!Maikel> The end sucks
20:46:02<!Sven2> Yeah. That's a generic problem with the races right now
20:46:22<!Maikel> Well digging towards the end is just too slow
20:46:23<!Sven2> If there is any cahllenge in building/blasting, there will be a strong rubber band effect
20:46:41<!Maikel> Well not if teams are allowed
20:46:41<!Newton> hm?
20:46:50<!Sven2> I guess that could work, yes
20:47:00<!Maikel> Then one can concentrate on defending a position
20:47:03<!Maikel> like you did
20:47:17<!Sven2> Ye. Would have been cool if we had been in a team :)
20:47:27<!Newton> well lets do it
20:47:39<!Maikel> Hm teams?
20:47:48<!Maikel> I don;t get the color problems
20:47:48<!Sven2> I don't think the goal can do it
20:48:05<!Maikel> Just add teams.txt it should work
20:48:10<!Sven2> OK
20:48:15<!Sven2> Hm, just remove it
20:48:19<!Maikel> pinkeln
20:49:04<!Mimmo_O> another round?
20:49:11<!Sven2> Now hosting the sky islands with teams
20:49:43<!Sven2> Hm, no team selection
20:49:52<!Maikel> goal race?
20:50:35<!Sven2> Yes. But I wrote Teams.txt now
20:50:43<!Sven2> [Teams]
20:50:44<!Sven2> Active=true
20:50:44<!Sven2> Custom=false
20:50:44<!Sven2> AllowHostilityChange=true
20:50:44<!Sven2> AutoGenerateTeams=true
20:51:23<!Maikel> Does that somehow only work with melee?
20:51:39<!Newton> ?
20:51:50<!Sven2> Dont know. Tried again; no luck
20:51:53<!Sven2> It's like it's ignored
20:51:58<!Sven2> I copied Teams.txt from CoFuT now
20:52:20<!Maikel> Still failes?
20:54:59<!Mimmo_O> krasch \o/
20:58:44<!Sven2> That one's not really good for team %)
20:58:45<!Newton> you are in a race
20:58:46< anakonda> I vs 3
20:58:51<!Newton> what a unhelpful message
20:59:06<!Newton> the scoreboard seems to be broken too
20:59:14<!Maikel> in what way?
20:59:23<!Sven2> Dont see a problem except the % display
20:59:37<!Maikel> I had no clue what to display under the goal in four/five wors
20:59:39<!Maikel> d
20:59:47<!Sven2> "You suck"
20:59:53<!Newton> it shows only the % to the next point?
20:59:54<!Maikel> "Fucking open the scoreboard"
20:59:55<!Sven2> When you're last ;)
21:00:27<!Maikel> Yes newton
21:00:34<!Newton> like before in Race.c4d: 56% (-4%) for example
21:00:50<!Maikel> -4%?
21:00:50<!Sven2> Methinks the check points are enough
21:00:59<!Newton> that info is not really helping since you dont know how many there are and which checkpoint is the next
21:01:00<!Maikel> With the arrow, me too
21:01:01<!Sven2> If we can keep the score board small, it won't be in the way
21:01:19<!Sven2> The number of check points is in the scoreboard title?
21:01:24<!Maikel> yes
21:02:53<!Maikel> What's up with the teams?
21:03:32<!Sven2> Dont know. My guess is Teams.txt is no longer loaded
21:04:07<!Maikel> I had it running 1,5 weeks ago in a local network game
21:04:17<!Sven2> Hm, ok
21:04:50<!Sven2> Weird. Works now.
21:05:01<!Sven2> Maybe I was starting from a different folder
21:05:17<!Maikel> Here too, but that's my own fault I had it named Teams.txt.txt
21:05:43<!Maikel> wanna try teams, then join
21:05:50<!Sven2> ok
21:06:59<!Mimmo_O> great!
21:07:06<!Maikel> what happened?
21:08:23<!Mimmo_O> i got sync loss
21:08:27<!Mimmo_O> my landscape was also different
21:08:37<!Mimmo_O> and Phoenix has to leave now
21:09:06<!Maikel> Sven I had an error trying to kick in the same instance phnix left
21:09:19<!Maikel> rehost?
21:09:23<!Sven2> TT
21:09:23<!Sven2> ok
21:10:03<!Maikel> What's the explanation for the missing colors?
21:10:50< JCaesar> Crash while loading.
21:14:09< JCaesar> Is the MS sourcecode available?
21:18:26<!Sven2> !!!
21:18:29<!Sven2> Imba teamwork
21:18:29<!Mimmo_O> 1vs2 is unfair :(
21:18:42<!Maikel> Yes, but I noticed some bugs
21:19:03<!Maikel> Only one teammember needs to go through a cp, and the arrow does not adapt to that
21:19:11<!Sven2> Oh
21:19:19<!Sven2> Wouldve been even easier if I had known that :D
21:19:26<!Maikel> And sven you already did finish cp8 before going through 9, or?
21:19:39<!Sven2> I missed 87 first
21:19:40<!Sven2> 8
21:19:48<!Maikel> ok, so that's not a bug
21:19:53<!Sven2> Didnt realize it was there :)
21:20:10<!Mimmo_O> im takng a showa
21:20:26<!Maikel> Can you explain the color problems?
21:20:41<!Sven2> Yellow not being yellow in game?
21:20:55<!Maikel> well the cp particles are gone
21:21:06<!Maikel> or is that just local here
21:21:29<!Sven2> They're gone for dark colors I think
21:21:42<!Sven2> They're probably drawn additive
21:21:44<!Maikel> but why/how?
21:21:45<!Sven2> So black is invisible
21:23:21<!Maikel> Additive=0
21:24:45<!Maikel> So multiple winners -> all lose bug is removed
21:25:14<!Sven2> Hm @Additive
21:25:20<!Sven2> Would have to reproduce the bug then
21:25:22<!Sven2> It never happens for my player
21:26:06<!Maikel> The cp is displayed correctly at your pc?
21:27:47<!Sven2> If I race, yes
21:27:56<!Sven2> But in network, for some players the sections were just missing
21:28:09<!Maikel> yes that problem I have too
21:28:20<!Sven2> You're using GetPlrColor btw?
21:28:32<!Maikel> yes, there is nothing else
21:28:34<!Sven2> That's a weird way to do it. It's using GetPlayerInfoCoreVal I think
21:28:48<!Maikel> Someone removed the engine function I gues
21:29:01<!Sven2> Cool
21:30:31<!Maikel> Nothing there in Script.cpp
21:30:47<!Sven2> Well, it should be the same I guess
21:31:29<!Sven2> It's using GetPlayerVal. Just a very inefficient method for one of the most used functions
21:31:56<!Maikel> But it is network safe?
21:32:03<!Sven2> Yes, should be
21:35:15<!Maikel> Is the double throw wanted?
21:39:17<!Sven2> Don't know. It bugs me quite often
21:39:33<!Maikel> Yes I can't click that fast
21:39:48<!Maikel> *bug report
21:41:05-!- Mortimer [] has joined #openclonk-dev
21:55:15<+occ> newton * d9147cdad572 planet (5 files in 2 dirs): boomrace update
21:55:15<+occ> newton * c2ee8b1947f6 planet/Tests.c4f/boomrace.c4s/System.c4g (Boompack.c Clonk.c): boomrace update #2
21:55:55<!Mimmo_O> hostit Newton
21:56:30<!Newton> open
22:02:37<!Mimmo_O> noo
22:02:50<!Newton> yaaaay
22:02:55<!Newton> round open
22:08:49<!Mimmo_O> :)
22:09:00<!Newton> interesting
22:09:11<!Newton> my flatmate wanted to hold the mouse button
22:09:24<!Newton> to use the rocket, then let go to ... let go of the rocket
22:09:54<!Mimmo_O> this could also be an idea
22:10:00<!Mimmo_O> i think it would also be better
22:10:22<!Mimmo_O> if you want to leave the rocket but press to late
22:10:26<!Mimmo_O> you maybe use another object
22:13:38-!- Ape [~ape@88.193.0.euirc-fdc0a58a] has quit [Client exited]
22:31:47<!Newton> who wants to make (fireworks) rocket sounds with his microphone??? :)
22:51:55<!Mimmo_O> *tshoooo.... pfft.*
22:52:14< JCaesar> *tries*
22:53:01<!Mimmo_O> im off naw
22:53:04<!Mimmo_O> good naight
22:53:07-!- Mimmo_O [] has quit [Quit: ]
22:53:25< JCaesar> Nah, sound's crappy.
22:55:25-!- Mortimer [] has quit [Quit: Mortimer]
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23:00:53-!- mode/#openclonk-dev [+ao Randrian Randrian] by ChanServ
23:01:46<!Randrian> hello, sorry, that I couldn't attend the meeting, I was lerning for a test with a friend.
23:02:36<!Maikel> You didn't miss anything, we started only with four people, and ended up playing some scenarios
23:03:23<!ck> Randrian: Can you live with that bone bug for a while?
23:03:41<!Newton> ck: I posted 4 new bugs for you :P
23:04:02<!ck> It's unlikely that I get much done for the next two or three weeks
23:04:03<!Randrian> well, then we have to live with no good animation  for the boompack
23:04:19<!Randrian> and the dynamite box animations also look wierd then.
23:04:25<!ck> have to learn for an exam, and I'm also being paid to do some work on Gobby
23:04:49<!Randrian> yeah, I understand.