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OpenClonk is the Open source successor of the Clonk gaming series.

OpenClonk is a project dedicated to the further development of the Clonk game series. Our goal is to improve and make the real strengths of Clonk more fun to play: Bustling mining, production lines and economy, fast and fiddly melees. Another focus lies on the further enchancement of the game engine and the extensibility/modability of the game content with C4Script which has always been one of the most important features of Clonk.

What is Clonk?


Clonk is a multiplayer-action-tactics-skill game. It is often referred to as a mixture of The Settlers and Worms. In a simple 2D antfarm-style landscape, the player controls his crew of Clonks, small but robust humanoid beings. The game encourages free play but the normal goal is to either exploit valuable resources from the earth by building a mine or fight each other on an arena-like map.


The inventor of the game is Matthes Bender. The first Clonk was a two player melee game in which the players fought with rocks, flints (basic explosives) and catapults. Through several versions Clonk developed into a hectic and quite complicated game with numerous tactics and possibilities. The classic versions of the game are freeware and can be downloaded from clonk.de (may be in German only).

The newer versions of Clonk series (Clonk 4, Planet, Endeavour and Rage) are mostly based on the engine of Clonk 4. Clonk Planet (2000) was the first game in the series with a built-in developer mode that enabled the player to actually develop their own mods for the game. Permitting access the core scripts of the objects and scenarios, the developer mode became one of the most beloved features of Clonk. Thousands of player made and still make mods that are accessible on the CCAN, the main download archive. Single objects but also big settlements packs or adventures are available. On the Clonk Forge, hobby developers come together to collaborate and contribute to each others clonk development projects. Since Clonk Planet, new original game content was continuously added to the main game, for example the knight pack (introducing the knight as a new type of Clonk and medieval battles), the fantasy pack (with a powerful mage and new magic spells) or the FarWorlds (uncommon places such as the Arctic, the Jungle and the Deep-sea). The scripts of the objects and scenarios are written in Clonk's own scripting language: C4Script (with a C-style syntax).

In the last years the Clonk community grew continuously, even beyond the borders of the German speaking countries.

In early March 2009, Matthes Bender told the other developers of Clonk Rage that he wouldn't have any time to work on Clonk anymore. As the Lead Designer of Clonk since Clonk 1 and Directing Manager of RedWolf Design, the company selling the Clonk titles, he left a significant vacancy. The development of Clonk Rage, the last commercial Clonk title, was mostly done as a hobby by the other developers and although they wanted to continue doing that, they felt that more contributors were needed. RedWolf Design agreed to put the game engine's source code under an open source license, the ISC license. The source code was published in a public repository, allowing everyone to freely modify the source code and game content and discuss the future directions in an open forum. This big change gave us the opportunity to redesign the deadlocked structures of the shareware Clonk titles. By giving up the downward compatibility new concepts become possible. So it was also decided to drop a lot of the "old" game content and drop the backwards compatibility requirement.