Release Steps

This page contains all steps to release a new version of OpenClonk and is meant for developers to check whether all steps have been considered.

Before Release

Steps to do before the release, and after the feature freeze.

  • If releasing from a stable branch: make sure all relevant commits have been cherry-picked from master.
  • Fix all bugs related to this release, which can be found in the bugtracker's roadmap.
  • Go the release button and perform a dry release to create a release candidate.
  • Test this release candidate with few simple tests: download, check installer content, run game, play game, play network game.


If it is made sure that the current master branch or the current stable branch does not contain any bugs one can initiate the release procedure.

  • Optional: Update all Version.txt files and Version= entries in planet/ to the new version number.
  • Update the Version.txt to the new version number and put the extra version in Version.txt to FALSE. Commit and push.
  • Then go to the release button and release from the correct branch.

After Release

  • Create a tag for the released changeset with the vX.Y tag (lightweight: git tag vX.Y). Only push the tag if sure the release has worked.
  • Create a stable branch named stable-X for bugfix releases (if not already created).
  • Make announcements in our blog and in our forum.
  • Notify an admin to transfer the source package to
  • Notify an admin to mark this version as released in the bugtracker and add the next version to the roadmap.
  • Notify our Linux package maintainers for Debian, Arch, FreeBSD and others that a new version has been released.
  • Update flathub (Caesar is the main maintainer, Luchs should have write access.)