We have set us the goal to have a somewhat playable game for our next OpenClonk meeting starting on March 21st 2010.

Development goal

The goal is to create some weapons, useful tools and other objects which can be used in small melees and parcours. We aim to have a few scenarios. Probably, we will go into the direction of settlement, mining and production lines after that, but we will decide on that when it's time. This is something we can work out at the OCM.


For this goal to reach, certain basic features have to be completed. That doesn't mean that we shouldn't do anything else or anything more. These are just the necessary features. Much of this is (finally) work for the scripter and also for the graphic artists (render the objects, decoration textures?), sound and music makers.


...needs to be finished and bug-free engine-side. Related items in the bugtracker are: #66, #62, #67, #98, #99, #100, #72

Basic controls and the clonk

  • Gamepad controls & the type of control needs to be chooseable in the frontend (Sven2)
  • Finish animations (Randrian) and new control behaviour (Newton)
  • Meshes of items must be attachable to the clonk for animations (ck) (has been implemented)


  • Race(Parcour): Extend the goal with the possibility of checkpoints. The clonks have to come by the checkpoints in the (right) order to win. Option to respawn the clonk at the checkpoint. Fix progress in scoreboard. Checkpoint could be e.g. a flag pole. (Maikel)
  • Melee: Last man (team) standing wins. If or how many relaunches each player gets, should be configurable (by script). The goal must work for teams, too.


  1. Items with which the clonk can overcome obstacles
    • Shovel (animation)
    • Loam
    • ...more items. Examples: Climbing hook, thrusters, staffs with certain effects, pickaxes, ropes, CX-like catapult. We didn't plan that out intentionally. If someone got solid ideas for this, he can implement it.
  2. Items with what one can fight
    • A (volcanic) flint to be found in the earth
    • A few melee weapons (e.g. also shield) (Zapper?)
    • Bow (maybe with other arrow types too) (Zapper?)
    • Musket (Zapper?)
    • ... a few other ranged weapons or items


The Material.c4g needs to be ~complete. All typical materials from CR plus at least castle walls (stone/granite textures) and some other textures which might be useful in designing scenarios. This will be the topic in some of the later meetings, when the objects have been scripted. During the meeting, nobody came up with concrete ideas for race scenarios. Anyway, at this point at least this scenario should be done in any case:

  1. Tutorial scenario (Sven2)
    • Would be nice to have a tutorial scenario that introduces each object/control mechanism one by one
    • Could start out with simple movement left/right. Then you need to jump. Later, you find a shovel, then loam, etc.
    • A message at every checkpoint, telling you what to do next


  • Main menu background / Loaders
  • (Logo) / Upper board, Lower board


See bugtracker