Texture Archives

Free / no Copyright / CC-BY

Here are some links to archives which offer textures "without any copyright", compatible CC licenses or public domain. Attention: If you want to extend this list, note that "free" or the lack of any copyright message doesn't mean anything. To be public domain or "without any copyright", it must be explicitly noted.

Mostly free with own license

The most and the biggest free texture archives offer the textures free for any purpose, but it is not allowed to redistribute them as a texture pack. The issue with these terms of use is that they limit how these textures may be redistributed which in turn would limit how OpenClonk may be redistributed. But OpenClonk content is released under the CC Attribution license which doesn't impose this kind of restriction. So the textures from these archives are not open source, we can't include any textures from these sources.

However, if you find really good textures there, it doesn't hurt to ask the original authors whether it is possible to grant permission to use a certain texture under a CC license that is compatible with open source. Same holds for images collected for example from flickr that are not licensed under a CC license.