Build OpenClonk

Windows users can check out these tutorials:

Building with Visual C++

Building with MinGW

Otherwise, here is how you can build OpenClonk in three easy steps:

1. Get the source code

See Git Workflow

2. Install Build tools and libraries

OpenClonk has a couple of dependencies on other libraries. Please refer to the Readme.*.txt in the freshly checked out source tree.

For Windows, we provide prebuilt packages of libraries:

3. Compile the game

Again, the Readme.*.txt has the details, as this step is highly platform dependent. But it's also comparatively uncomplicated: If you installed everything that's listed, and it doesn't build, you found a bug.

Building a debug engine

The Clonk source code contains lots of little pieces of code that check that the engine works correctly. They can often help finding or preventing bugs, but slow the game down, so they are skipped in normal builds. To enable them, pass -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug to cmake, choose the Debug build in the IDE, or pass --enable-debug to configure. If you are using the GNU Compiler Collection, you can also enable the libstdc++ debug mode by passing CPPFLAGS=-D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG to configure.